I'm a country girl who loves finding good deals on home décor, has an obsession with EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, and believe we have the power to make our lives as successful as your work for with the right tools and some elbow grease. Pratt Label Co. was born from that very principle.
After serving in the military, working in the corporate world, managing properties, and owning a clothing boutique, I realized that I had a passion for anything design and project management related- and that I was pretty good at it. After a few years I began helping others reach their goals, and that's when I finally found my true passion: helping others create and manage their brand in order to create a path to success in building their own legacy.  

I don't usually like staying still (and I know it drives my husband crazy) but if I'm trying out new things or strategizing about designing something then there's no stopping me from thinking about it all day long!
Even though it can be exhausting at times because of well, life (we have 2 children), I LOVE being able to express different parts of myself to help others reach their potential- it truly fulfills me. This allows me to live an authentic life while also staying honest about what matters to me most in life - my family and to never stop believing in yourself, and crushing your goals.
  We work hard, and we play harder but if there's one thing I've earned, it's don't let this crazy world stop you from living your life; put yourself out there and pursue what really makes you happy!

  I work hard so that we can live life to the fullest. Whenever I am not working, you'll find me running around with the family in the yard, traveling the globe with the hubs, horseback riding, or sitting a boat with a drink in my hand.  Cheers!