Wanderlust Leather Air Freshener

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Scent:: MANIFEST: Jasmine + Driftwood

  • Dimensions:
  • The leather is 2.5”wide and about 5” long
  • the scent notes:
  • -MANIFEST: Clear your mind with this soft, watery blend of jasmine, lemon and a musky base.
  • -RENEWAL: An effervescent blend of sweet citrus and fruits mixed with the delicate softness of rose and gardenia.  A bright and refreshing blend of Rose Water & Dewy Hibiscus. Escape to your own field of dreamy flowers.
  • -BOHEME: violet, jasmine, lemon peel, rosewood, lavender, oud, and driftwood dance whimsically throughout your space.
  • -TEAKWOOD MUSE: Intense aromas of amber and wood are complimented with bergamot, cardamom, jasmine, and lily of the valley to create a pungent, backwoods blend.
  • COOLWATER: Bergamot, fresh lime, and green top notes and splashes of jasmine, sweet orange and cool eucalyptus. Masculine and refreshing.  (bright and citrusy)
  • GRATITUDE: As beautiful as the perfect spring day! Refreshing and light, sun-kissed apple and soft florals make up this invigorating Bath and Body Works type.

  • These genuine leather air fresheners are infused with only the highest quality fragrance oils.  Once the original fragrance fades, just add a few drops of essential oil or spray with you favorite fragrance! The possibilities are endless!

  • Small irregularities in the surface of the materials are a natural and unique feature of the object, so it may differ slightly from the photographs in shape, pattern, and color tone. The pictures show the hangings in different light settings. It may have slight marks, adding to the patina or not be perfectly symmetrical with measurements varying slightly. Every piece is gorgeous in its own way with uniqueness and originality.